Most of the modern communications devices like wifi, cell phones etc generate microwaves. So the microwaves generated by the microwave oven have no effects on the human body as these other devices, but with one significant difference. The microwave produced by a microwave oven is significantly more powerful, so it may cause burns on your body upon direct exposure.

Microwave Oven

This is why the chamber of a microwave oven is made of a closed conductor so that no microwave generated inside the oven can reach the outside. However, you may have noticed that the microwave’s door is made of transparent material instead of a conductor. This allows us to see our food inside the oven. The door is actually made of a metal mesh with tiny holes through which only light passes, not microwaves. Microwaves have a wavelength that is larger than the holes in the door, so the wave cannot pass through. In contrast, visible light has smaller wavelengths and can pass through the holes. As a result we can see our food.

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